Monday, February 23, 2009

sports day video

me and pretty.

shoewy flower?
yo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! here's PUISAN the elegant,hot,yet mannish commander in blue house!!!

hiya hui nee.

ah...the gal on the left,our general manager...


too pretty for words.
i can't believe it! i marched and marched and it came out for nothing?
here's my marching team.too pissed to continue,later.

Friday, February 20, 2009


get me?i say EXAM!
i feel chucked out.and my dad's snoring didn't help either.(i went sleepless for a few nights.)

i want to know who invented exam. i feel like chopping the whoever it was and dump him in to a river n he/she will be eaten by mermaids.

ya la.
i m evil.
not that evil,juz mischievious.
exam ler...just like izzy said,we r gonna be PANDAS.just imagine a slimmer version of PO the panda in 'kungFu panda'. we are gonna get toothpicks to strain our eyes open.and now i just recognise 1 thing:the time i listen to a teacher is much more less than the time i fell asleep in class.i dun mean it,k?i tried. i TRIED. but when in the lab,the lights went off,the curtains drawn,the doors closed,and the fan wooing off.and ur eyes......sleepy like being HYPNOTIZED.
seriously!what the heck are the teachers taliking about?are they singing or cawing? and thank god that toad mouthed umbridge,heavy makeup,beady eyes unmarried old hag is gone!
eh,don't sue me ah.i m talking the truth.u get nightmares worse than a JURASSIC PARK dinasours chase. she make a trynasourrous rex or watever it is look like a chicken.
and when she stares at u.u get the feeling:

'aw...dun eat me...i am not delicious'

and at the end of it,she gobbles u up.

and then i dun noe why. but the teacher from our school are quite interesting. there's this miss who hates cantonese.and when she catches u,well,she make u do lines. but she likes to YELL in the classroom.and my heart skips a beat whenever she yells cause you know the usual thing la. classrooms nowdays are a lot more comfortable than homes.
and u know lar...woman PMS one...and when a woman gets PMS,she willa also develop WMP(WOMAN MANIAC PHOBIA) guys! dun mess with women at this momet. her power meter is at fully loaded at this time. PMS woman=SUPERWOMAN.

and when teachers got that,ZEUS may have to clear a way from them. we are like poor chickens,newly hatched, and served on a silver platter.

enough of this rubbish.better start studying and excercise my dog or he will be too heavy to hug.(his stomach droops more than his butt nowdays.)i probably feed him too much biscuits and fruits.he needs cellulose k?or he will shit charcoal and not bananas.

remember to miss me...

sports hectic

under the sun
the rays dance
and the students
march for fun
for glory
for name
for TEAMS!

under the sun
when it gets too much
u get
'ah,soooooo HOT!'
'i want to drink water!'

under the sun
the commander yells
some like thunder
some like turkeys
the sweat flings
and throats sored
and all because


BLUE,yellow,red,purple and green.
who will win?

this post is dedicated to ppl all that are same with me,whom marches with a hot head that went spinning.

yo guys-----------i know that i din showed up for quite a long period. but u circumstances that keeps trhe computer double security locked. hard to access.

sports day coming!!!

it's supposed to be a very interesting day in the stadium.but before i joined marching,i HATED it since it is damn boring and the clubs just sold food with rocket prices! the stadium is huge with only a third of it filled and u juz swoon all day without a single intention.

yet i joined the blue house marching team last year and well...u can guess...we became fast friends that jokes around and laugh because of silly things.but there are CONSEQUENCES. you won't like to know...and when u face it,it will hard to heal...

What You Will Face When u MARCH

1.u get to intimate a turkey.

2.u get free sunbath.RM0 charged.

3.u can hear free yells from 'awwww,it hurts!' to 'hey u! march with attitude!' nan kred,or something like that?

5.pretty girls get stuck.

6.the tension between houses rise...


8.damn ugly clothing this year!which hag chosse that? seems like u r visiting a turkey farm.cukoo...cukooo... pays back when u have darker skin tones around the neck...the legs... and ur FACE.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

stressed out XO

i must say:


especially when it comes to cocuriculum.i am staying back at school till about 5 everyday. it just worn me out.

naturally,i fell sick and it comes to:

cough-cough-cough and cough like an old lady.

achoo-achoo-achoo- and achoo just blew my nose off.

and u noe wat? i am in the choir team. so my throat is very very PRECIOUS.(okay,i aint gollum's affections towards his ring)

but foce FALTERS and i sound like a crow that goes


what's more,the sports day is coming and i marched for the B-L-U-E team. almost 3 hours a day!and not to mention,under the BLAZING CRUEL hot sun.

last year i marched for the blue house team too and i became a PURE CHARCOAL. see? free sun tanning, free of charge and free energy (SAY NO TO POLLUTION) and oh, fast effect too!

anyone interested?

besides the marching team, then there's the librarian duty and i am taking pure science this year and WHOA. WHAT THE HELL ARE THE TEACHERS TALKING ABOUT???
i am gonna faint.
wake me up when this is all over,okay?