Saturday, December 26, 2009

the japanese girl on christmas eve

whoa YEA!
you know what? during the christmas night, my friend ming ming invited me to her house for a
baebecue party. though the MAIN idea is to celebrate MINAWA OZAWA's birthday.
now MINAWA is a sweet, demure, cute girl with reddish and white skin.
yep, she is very very polite like most japanese do. and yet...
she is her school's basketball captain!!!
i can't do anything except gap when she told me this.
sure enough when you want to communicate with a japan, there's bound to be language barriers.
mostly she speaks english but even though she doesn't understand a word we are saying, she
just go HA-HA-HA like santa claus go HO-HO-HO.
did i mention that their school uniform is way much trendy and prettier than ours?
ours look like an apron compared to them.
i WISH i had more photos of minawa to share, but i left my camera in the CAR!!!
ming, can i get it form u?

Friday, December 18, 2009

2010 comeback


I decided to re-enter the blog world since wordpress is um... to complicated and sophisticated for me to use. simple minders like me better use non-complicated-easy using-basic blogs.
so, year 2010 is approaching and i HAD drawn a mind map to help me focus on my studies.
but you know, life is not to smooth what with the tv and computer nagging my mind the whole holiday. so to tell the truth:
but there is one BIG BIG BIG problem, I CAN"T GO THE BRATS YEAR END TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!
and the reason?
well, my parents flew to bangkok ( listen, MY PARENTS ONLY) while her 3 kids get dumped at a relative's house. well, drmatically i fell sick with serious vomiting and diarrhea.
i wonder if i ever get slimmer from that.
after that week, hah! i got sick again,
um...because...i m prone to AIR CONDITIONER.
i don't know why but i tend to get sick everytime i turn on the air con.
i love penguins.
but i can't be their neighbour.