Saturday, December 26, 2009

the japanese girl on christmas eve

whoa YEA!
you know what? during the christmas night, my friend ming ming invited me to her house for a
baebecue party. though the MAIN idea is to celebrate MINAWA OZAWA's birthday.
now MINAWA is a sweet, demure, cute girl with reddish and white skin.
yep, she is very very polite like most japanese do. and yet...
she is her school's basketball captain!!!
i can't do anything except gap when she told me this.
sure enough when you want to communicate with a japan, there's bound to be language barriers.
mostly she speaks english but even though she doesn't understand a word we are saying, she
just go HA-HA-HA like santa claus go HO-HO-HO.
did i mention that their school uniform is way much trendy and prettier than ours?
ours look like an apron compared to them.
i WISH i had more photos of minawa to share, but i left my camera in the CAR!!!
ming, can i get it form u?

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