Saturday, March 21, 2009

goodbye jenny

this post is dedicated to a beloved friend, who just transferred to MGS from ave maria.

jenn, we have been friends for almost 4 years. and because of BASKETBALL. no doubt people will ask," why are u girls in basketball?" since we both are wearing prefect and librarian's ties. but sure enough...she is flawless in it while...u noe, i suck at it.

although we both met less fore the past few years because i left basketball. but u have been a great friend to me. and i still remember the 1st time i came to ur house! it's HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but i want to tell u that no matter wat decisions u have made, i m still ur friend.

i know the reason u can't helped for y u want to go to mgs. but in all, i hope u r happy there.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


dear facebook,

i know u r hot and sexy and all...but y r u so hard to use? friendster is my roomate,now u kicked her out and rent a room with me, she is just furious. worse, my computer is her boyfriend. and now it always hand and sayonara with me everytime i use you...

y facebook?why?

i want u. i need you. i love you. i learn from you.

but Why???

please facebook. try and u noe...getting knowing each other with my computer, they just dun like u. so maybe u can cook 4 the computer, wipe the modem clean n shiny, maybe then they will accept u in to the family.

and u ah, sooooo choosy and stingy, y ur buttons so samll? u noe i wear spectacles??? and ur words r all so tiny and hard to find plus so many tind ting ting on the computer screen...
i m not having a perfect eyesight.
stop being such a small small buttons screen.,

dear facebook. i may ditch u and went back to friendster that boring roomate...well, at least she has bigger buttons than u...

1 more 2 more 1 more 2 more~~~

wat should i do in my life?(literally joking...)

1. check out for more camps!
2.dung shit add maths.
3.hypnotize myself before every exam that i m ALBERT EINSTEIN.
4.get hold of my temper.
5.stop singing like a monkey at choir.
6.examine the strange human organism i know.
7.never kick my dog's butt.(hard leh...)
8.get RICH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9.joke lar...
10. IDEA.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

OMG!!! negaraku !!!


what happened?why do they ask me sing the national anthem in front of the whole school SOLO?????????

okay,miss,calm down.

calm down?r u kidding? it went downwards!

i was chatting with my friends like a radio when suddenly two seniors came up to me and went:

"you can go out and sing the anthem ah."we were having assemblt then.

i was like ooohhhh, the whole choir team.miss stupid of me happily nodded my head and went "okay."

wait,something ain't right. isn't that part solo?

when they said:



and straight away on the stage, i laughed at the front part where i was singing the NEGARAKu. can you belieeve it? the police are rounding me up.

luck for me and everyone

this post is dedicated to every choir girl,every soul, that went past the horrible excecution-like choir audition at 10th of march.even if you didn't get a chance this time, please remember that we will always remain as a team. and remember the FREE BUFFET!!!


i m done.

that horrible ice like feeling choir audition is gone!!!

and you know wat?




zlich,stop swooning.remember add maths. remember the 30 marks i get for the honour of the family. great.

that choir audition...i blasted it off with a stupid thing.

look,the pianist is just giving some key to soprano when i get cracked and went

PA-DA-DA-DA-DA-DA-DA----------high pitchedly,(i was in bass actually) think it is funny?

it certainly is when all the people in the hall is laughing at u!!!i laughed too and my salivary amylase is drooping with every passing second.

eventually, i had to restart it and thank god,it went perfectly. but it gets harder and harder and everyone is getting tenser and tenser un till...

okay,i needed toilet.

Saturday, March 7, 2009



Yo YO YO!!! even with choir thingy coming up, i still can't feel but excited about the camp this saturday!!! brats is absolutely the best camp ever and i m having tons of fun last year at the alternative one! moreover, many of my buddies in the camp are going for the same one in march. the only drawback is...izzy is going for the august camp and clarrisa's news is like nil.
and here's my plan:


1. make sure that the new hot babe senior will be hot in the camp.(JUST JOKING,SENIOR)although she's not my senior really, just an older girl.

2. bug my dad to buy a new camera since all cameras were stolen in January.

3. report to sergant Angeline Ong that sit behind me in class.

4. gloat over it since well...someone cannot go.

5.have fun, and bring jumbo sizede insects repellant. the teacher since she let me go.

7. still gloat over it. my mouth is definitely 2 inches wider ever since i heard the news. now i can stuff an egg in it.

8. be smug when i came back, just like she did to me last year.

9. if she gets to be in the choir and i didn't,and she smug about it all day in front of it, i will pay her back in the same manner.

10. just have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Choir Audition 2009 AGAIN


sheesh,2008 was gone but again, the nightmare of having the choir audition again HAUNTS me. last year, i failed. okay,nevermind, so i thought maybe i could take a go again this year. but then...

i am in the ALTO,which is SOOOOO damn unlucky since we have 9 girls but they need only 6. in contrast, C.ALTO needs 6 too but they only have 7 People. hey hey hey hey hey HEY!!! and C.Alto has only form 5 and form 3 girls, this means the form 3 girls are so lucky. eh, i admit la. i jealous a bit bit,k? NO OFFENSE. but then back to alto, we have i think 3 form 5 ,4 FORM 4 and 2 FORM 3 , which means...the competition will be tough. we have 9, 3 will be out.

the chances of me getting through the school team is like nil. lets analyse it,

the form 5 will definitely be in.
kl, a friend of mine and lsp too will be.
if form 3 are eliminated, that leaves me and the other friend are fighting through the heads. and oh, the form three ones are GOOD. so that means 4 of us buliking uo for 1 narrow place.

i don't know whther my singing is good or no, but there's one thing i know, i LACK LUCK. i m always getting out of luck when important things came up.
and then...

a reminder to someone:
if you get to be on top of me, don't always compare me with you and put me at the bottom of you. i am sick of this and ur attitude.

besides choir, i m getting so stressed in class. my march test results sucks like pig and the frp(filthy rich pigs) didn't help either. especially the pig whpo thinks herself is queen elizabeth 3 or whatever.

....................................still worrying about choir and i m having nightmares about it.
but i will be prepared, since i know the truth that i WON't be in the school team this year AGAIN.i admit i want that badly, and sometimes ,dreams don't just come true.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


that's all i can say: YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

okay,so the few of us are having this meeting about a function. and i was pulling my tie off when my shirt went 2 buttons off and i didn't notice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well,literally,u noe wat happens next.