Tuesday, June 30, 2009




friends...do u know what canteen day is???

it is a day where TEENS CAN SAY CAN TO EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!

sorry, that's my interpretion.
well...my school will be having the long lost cantten day ( it should be held 2 years once but then the principal...ahem)
and wat the hell??? my class's plans were banned again and again (hey...our plans really suck in the mean time)

and now wat???
the date is 25/7 and we have ntg except some pampers.(JOKING!!!)

Saturday, June 27, 2009


unfortunately, the KING OF POP had passed away yesterday. it will be a big shock and loss in the music industry.

most of us grew up hearing his name. but seldom we get the chance to know him n hear his songs.

but he is a legend.

a legend that no one will surpass.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

world war 3

i m starting a war.

no! don't get me wrong! i m not having bullets and nuclear weapons in my bedsheet.

this is a war declaration that most girls will and are participating:


seriously, i look like a blown up balloon. is the school food too good?

i m 16 and i dun wan to look like some pregnant old lady.

anyone who has slimming down tips? i m sure most girls have those ideas.

and those ppl gah, stop telling me that i look fab. i saw ur eyes keep blinking and that is a lying symptom.

that's y i hate be a girl.

you see girls have to be careful of their weight whereas boys didn't have to worry as much as us!

Monday, June 15, 2009

skirts war

things started out like this:
my mum gave me this evil eye one day n hissed:
"why u girls don't wear skirts nowadays?"
i blabbed" juz dun like mah, skirts are so sissy."
okay. is that a threat? i thought mothers shouldn't go around threatening ppl. especially their own daughters!!!
girls like me don't wear skirts n it isn't a crime. if it is, go call 999 and 10 police will be after my tail, flipping skirts and yell:" HEY YOU! WEAR SKIRTS!!!"
i don't know why but my sisters followed my steps. they ditched their skirts and went to join my 'jeans gang'. mum expected us to get all girly and pink. but hey, EEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWW.
if my mum continues to nag me about skirts, i will throw all her dresses for my dog to chew.
she once bought me a pink lacy frilly girly one. i take one look at it and silently stuff it down the donation box.
she hasn't know it yet.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

ditch those DAMN SKIRTS

okay.i hate skirts.
for a thousand reasons, i m not going to sign a piece of agreement that yell:


definitely not my style.
guys may not understand but skirts have its 1000 and 1 problems.
only girls understand it.

you see.
skirt is just a piece of helpless cloth dangling in the air. do u realize how dangerous is that?
'malat lou' as we know can't be predicted.


skirts are leceh. maybe for some girls they are not. but for me, i hate sitting like a sooooooo princess and ladylike with an air of fake casuality that it just drives me crazy.
how on earth can those girls st with thier knees clamped together like HOURS???

did they use the kapit (G-kapit) in k.h bengkel?


Thursday, June 4, 2009


finally holidays n i can say HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!

come on, not that i hate school. but it's like heaven to me when my phone no longer rings the stupid ringtone over and over again just to pull my snout out of my bed.
seriously, i think i have the 'sleepover time' disease that just don't get my head function rightly in early a.m.

i have PROOF.

do u know why dogs are sooooo TOUCHY and JUMPY?
after billions of time staring at my dog, i finally gt the answer.

since dog's nature is to protect their masters, they need to keep their ears open like 24 hours a day. whenever someone footsteps is near or a whiff of blast perfume from someone's ass came out and it caught it, he gt the expression like sleeping on a cactus.

that's when dogs cannot get enough of sleep.

like me.
i tend to lay in bed and think stupid things like

wat's for breakfast, lunch or dinner?

and when my dog sneezes, i woke up.

in the end..

i couldn't sleep


bed. i love you.
blanket. i need you.
room. i have to SLEEP!!!

Monday, June 1, 2009


phew! finally,another post.

hey! i wanna write sumthing. but when u have two THE INCREDIBLES parents at ur home, with a computer tech dad, i can't hack into the system my dad build. (he changes his passwords once a week).

so. tada.

life still goes on n thank god that hell of exam is finished.

yea.i was seldom blogginf since i was engrossed with the popular game: THE SIMS CASTAWAY STORIES.

u know what? that is such a stupid yet fun game. the character in there is juz so...crazy?